Studio 531 Architects

On behalf of all of us at Studio 531 and Moore Architecture we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

The year has been an exciting and fulfilling one; thanks to Squire Ferguson Interior Design, Jodi Foster Interior Design, Armstrong Creative and Duane Ensing Landscape Solutions for being part of our collaborative work environment here at Studio 531; to Dominic, Leanne, Carrie, and Neil for their hard work at Moore Architecture in moving our projects forward.

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On a personal note: at this time last year I wrote: “Next Year will bring its own challenges but, we believe, also great opportunities for personal and professional growth”

Of course at that time I had no idea what I was talking about given the state of my mind.  But the opportunities, the growth that I was referencing certainly presented itself to me in a variety of ways. As I sit here, in the Studio, reflecting on all the things that have happened in the last year, situations I found myself in, challenges met and all that was accomplished; its hard not to feel blessed with the incredible support that I received, on both a professional and and personal level, over the course of the year.

I can’t thank you enough for being that advisor, friend, critic and/or sounding board through all of it. You know who you are!  Out of this adversity has come a year full of opportunity and personal growth.  I wouldn’t be here without you.

New Challenges, Opportunities and Adventures await in the coming year.  Its going to be exciting!!

All the best, to all of you.