Studio 531 Architects



Our Philosophy

There is no green design – only good design. Any design that is not ‘green’ is simply not good. We, as designers, are regarded as arbiters of function, excellence and refinement, and the burden of designing better ways to live rests squarely on our shoulders. My own childhood – a true back-to-the-earth lifestyle, with no electricity or running water – deep in the Stikine River Valley in northwestern BC, enabled me to connect on a deep spiritual level with the natural world around me. It is my ultimate conviction that the general public will only care about the environment, and take action to change it, when they have a passionate personal connection to the glory of nature.

When they breathe as the earth breathes, then they will feel pain when it feels pain, and ultimately, that conduit of symbiosis will be the motivation for change.

Education & Certifications

Diploma in Electro-Mechanical Engineering

Bachelors of Applied Design in Interior Design – with Honours

NCIDQ Certificate # 22959 (National Council for Interior Design Qualification)

Registered Interior Designer

LEED Accredited Professional – Commercial Interiors Specialty

Chair, Vancouver Island Chapter, IDIBC (Interior Designers Institute of BC)

Are we right for each other?

If you are an insanely intense entrepreneur or activist and need someone who is as committed to your project as you are, then call us. We never do anything halfway and simply don’t know how to stop trying. If you desperately need someone to be bluntly honest with you about whether or not your project is viable, call us. We believe that raw truth is a gift, and you will get nothing but that from us, always framed in loving language.  If your project has just been forced to make a severe detour, or has even hit a brick wall, call us. Unlike most other design professionals, we are exhilarated by 90 degree turns, and ready to jump on that careening ride with you, and hold your hand to the very end, and beyond. If you have a voracious thirst for knowledge and have ever wished you could clone yourself, so that one of  you could constantly be reading and researching, call us. We have an encyclopaedic appetite, and can organize a research plan, spread the net wide and delve deep, so that your project is rooted in a place of knowledge and conviction.  We are not the Interior Designers for everyone, but that’s not the question.

Are we the Interior Designers for you?