STUDIO 531 architects inc.

Humans arrive at our buildings with a range of needs, preconceptions, backgrounds, challenges and preferences.

One aspect of this work is inclusive washroom design: We know that inclusive washrooms can become much more than a place to go to the bathroom. These spaces become areas where non-binary people are welcome and need to feel safe. For example, the toilet stalls often can function as personal care and/or change space. Non-binary signage and/or graphic elements demonstrates that these spaces are welcome to all. Colours and finishes are selected to be welcoming and can include biophilic design elements.

Below are some photos of our recent projects.

Shown entry image above post:  Bench Elementary School in Duncan, B.C. Washroom conversion completed in 2022 for School District No. 79 (Cowichan Valley)

Shown above: Dover Bay Secondary School Renovations, completed 2022, included a new ‘gender neutral’ washroom with full height toilet stalls and accessible components.


Shown above: Parksville Community Centre Renovation, completed in 2022, included a gender-neutral washroom component that the child care operator described as their “favourite” aspect of the project for its use of colourful finishes and common-sense design.