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Macworld Cover (revised)

Yes this is the famed article and Macworld Cover from July 1987 that Doug Campbell and I have probably talked to you about over the last few decades.

In 1985 my brother Owen (Byte Computers) plunked a 128 K Mac on my desk and told me that finally there was a computer even I could work on. Our Firm was small with just Doug and I working for it at that time. We were just beginning to design the IBM building at 1803 Douglas Street that Rick Sargent was going to build. It was a fast track construction process that was intended to meet an aggressive timeline to facilitate the IBM lease. The plans and elevations for the building were created on Nick Fenger’s very expensive Mini computer and I decided without any training or experience to detail the entire building as 8 ½ x 11 detail sheets (sound familiar) and try and keep up with Rick and the construction timeline. I ended up creating the detail booklet for the entire building on this 128 K Mac using MacDraw and kept up with Rick and the construction timeline. Somehow Apple and Macworld Magazine got wind that the IBM building in Victoria was, to some extent, designed on a Mac and decided to do an article on us.

For all these years Doug and I thought we made the cover of the Magazine. ‘Legends in our own minds’ apparently! For fun we mocked up what the cover might have looked like. Well here is what it really was. Belated apologies to all who were misinformed.


I have included a copy of the article. Please read it. It’s a fun read. It is amazing to think of what we did ‘in the day’ how simple it was, yet how effective. The network we reference in the article was one of the first in the world to tie PCs together. This being facilitated because we had a software distribution company with Owen and MacServe was one of our products. I still have a vivid image of all of us standing around and marveling about how all this was working. Still reeling from the introduction of the fax machine!

Still riding the technology wave here at Studio 531 with the latest innovations.

No wonder the world is a better, but different, smaller place today! Marshall McLuhan was right.