HeyWood Infill


North Vancouver, BC



Multi-residential + Mixed Use






HeyWOODinfill is a composition of 4 buildings sited to the west of a tall, coastal forest. The buildings are clad in dark wood shingles and cementitious panels to blend and enhance the surrounding landscape. Gabled roof forms maintain the traditional residential character, while helping daylight penetrate into the side yards. Each lot contains a 3 bedroom house atop a secondary suite or home office. Openings have been carefully located capture daylight, frame views and limit overlook. The organization is conventional with bedrooms on the top floor, with the main living space at grade – each focused on a large south-facing outdoor space.

The houses are designed to be constructed with a similar building systems, but are unique to each site and program. The eastern home maximizes the views into the surrounding forrest. The eastern home is designed around a small lap pool that bounces light into the main living space. The roof slopes of each home are the same, with variations of overhangs, window locations and materials to create individual expressions.

Skylights and light wells are utilized throughout to bring daylight deep into the interior of the long narrow plans. The 33 foot wide lot, typical of the region, restricts the footprint to elongated rectangles – skylights, stairwells and courtyards are essential for daylight harvesting.

Each lot also contains a 2 bedroom coach house, that could easily house a small family. Private outdoor gardens face south and animate the lane. A compact footprint combined with an open floor plan ensures that the space feels open and remains flexible. A cellar beneath the coach house, creates ample storage for the area once occupied by a garage.
The buildings sit naturally within their context and site. Grades have not been significantly altered, and the natural landscape on the west side of the property has been integrated into the landscape concept. Each residential entry is unique and is clearly defined with a variety of planting, screens and fencing to create privacy and scale appropriate to the neighbourhood.

The project will be utilize off-site construction methods to create a high-performance building envelope that will be erected quickly. The buildings are constructed of a hybrid system of stick-frame wall panels, and mass timber floors and roofs.