Beulah Creek Village


Hornby Island, BC






Development Permit received



One arrives to Beulah Creek Village on Hornby Island from Central Road. The village is perfectly situated in a central location within the community and can be reached by a ten minute bike ride or walk from the village centre. A curving driveway descends down a hill and tall douglas fir and cedar trees create a cascading canyon of green. At the bottom of the hill, the land flattens to a marshy wetland on either side of the road as one arrives to a large clearing. Sun dapples through the trees and there is a cluster of buildings visible in the distance.

One continues along the road and approaches a large covered area surrounded by picnic tables and gardens. It’s full of people. Kids are playing nearby and gardeners are visible in the distance. This is the Community Hub – a place where paths cross and neighbours meet.

Residents arrive home to a place where everyone has their own front door and private outdoor space. The setting feels contemporary, rural, and familiar. The homes are arranged around a common green space that encourages people to be outside. Pathways connect to Beulah Creek and the adjacent park. This is a place that feels like home.

The project is comprised of several 2 storey buildings that are organized around a common green space.  26 residential units ranging from studios to 3 bedrooms provide humane housing for singles, elders, couples and families. To provide flexibility in construction methods, the project has been designed so that it can be constructed by both modular and conventional construction companies. The project is funded by BC Housing and is designed to meet Step 4 of the BC Energy Step Code.


Client:  Hornby Island Housing Society