Tofino Recreation Centre


Tofino, BC






Design Development



This project will provide the residents of rainy Tofino a year-round community destination to play, meet, and gather. The 1,190 sqm. facility contains a gym, change rooms, fitness room, multi-purpose areas, offices and is an access point for the local trail network. The project is designed to the highest published standard for Accessibility and Energy Performance, as well as functioning as a Post-Disaster point-of-assembly and the building is designed to the Zero Carbon Building Standard. The structure utilizes a pre-fabricated Mass-Timber structure in order to shorten the construction period, and leverage off-site labour resources, necessary for this remote location. The building is also designed as a place for the local First Nations to host yearly Potlatch ceremonies. STUDIO 531 is engaged for full design services on the project in collaboration with Integral Group, Aspect Structural Engineers, and Biophilia Landscape Design.


Client:  District of Tofino