Vancouver Island and Coast Visitor Centre

Tom Moore Project Architect with Stantec



Cumberland, BC



Cultural + Heritage



Completed 2012



This award winning multi-purpose centre is the only one of its kind on Vancouver Island, and provides much more than a comfortable place to stop and rest. The project features a ‘wood first’, a high level of sustainability featuring a live green roof, displacement ventilation, led lighting, electric car charging, rain gardens and low flow plumbing fixtures. Included in the facility is an interactive information kiosk, a lounge area, coffee shop, multi-purpose room and Exhibit Gallery. The Vancouver Island Visitor Centre has state of the art audio visual equipment throughout the building, and many other amenities. The multi-purpose facility in the Centre can be used to host a wide variety of events such as: training sessions, board meetings, media announcements, group events, workshops, appreciation events, networking events.