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Local Animator Rachel Moore will present her new film “Up in a Plane” at Victoria’s digital media centre Studio 531. The artist will also be present for an artist talk about the technique of paint on glass and the
process that went into making the film.
Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Meet the Artist at 7:00pm, Presentation and Artist Talk at 8:00pm

531 Herald Street, Victoria BC V8W 1S5


In “Up In A Plane” a granddaughter’s grief is transformed by her imagination into an animated Canadian
adventure of love and joy that bikes, flies, and dances all the way from the prairies of the early 1900’s
to Europe in WW2, to the present, and beyond. Closely following the life of grandfather and war hero
Kenneth Owen Moore, “Up in a Plane” delves into a generation that is nearly gone, one filled with
war heroes, farm girls, and wonderful dancers.


Rachel Moore has directed/animated numerous films for both Canada Council, the National Film Board,
and independent film makers, including “The Fastlane” (Winner of Best Student Short, Victoria Film
Festival 2003), “Jenny’s Deli” (NFB’s Shortz), and “Pop” (Winner of Best Animation [honourable mention],
Big Muddy Film Festival 2012). Rachel’s films have screened at more than 30 festivals world wide and
have appeared on CBC.
Rachel graduated from the animation program at ECUAD (Emily Carr University of Art and Design) in
2002 on scholarship. She has taught children’s stop-motion work shops, has sat on the jury of the Victoria
Independent film festival, animated public Service announcements, worked as a storyboard artist, and
has had her work as a painter and multi-media artist appear at various venues as well.
“Up In A Plane” is her second collaboration with talented sound designer David Parfit and her first with
violin goddess Hannah Epperson.