Studio 531 Architects

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To the over 150 people who took the time to drop in and say hello and give us their best wishes, to Oliver Lang for his riveting 20 minute presentation to over 60 people on the design philosophy of LWPAC and how it influenced the design of the award winning project, Monad, to Monk Office Interiors/DIRTT for co sponsoring the event and last but not least to all the trades people and designers who contributed in creating the incredible collaborative work environment we get to call Studio 531.

For Studio 531 the event was a dry run on becoming a presentation centre and an Electronic Arts Gallery.  We deemed it a success and will now move forward with our Advisory Board to organize further events in the fall and into next year. will be up and running in the next few weeks with an calendar and blog about the specifics of future events.

Thanks again for helping to make the launch of this new venture as much fun as it was.